The Introverted Wellness Advocate

Being introverted does not by any means make running a doTERRA business impossible. In fact, there are many strengths that our introverted Wellness Advocates bring to the table. Here are some doTERRA leaders who are self-proclaimed introverts, but have found ways to stretch themselves and grow to be successful in their businesses.

Kylene Lessig, Diamond

Kylene had had to overcome some of her fears of being in front of people even before doTERRA came along. She says, “I was a full-time music teacher and a performer. I really think that background has helped me because, as an introvert, I like my four walls and I don’t like the stage. But, anything great that happens to me has started with shaking in my boots. It helped me realize that when you’re performing, it doesn’t matter what you feel inside, you just do it. You start to forget yourself and your own fears. I was having my enroller do all my classes for me, and it wasn’t until she had to move that I had to do a class on my own even though I didn’t feel I was ready. That’s what got the ball rolling. I think that’s been huge for me.”

Holly Lo, Blue Diamond

Nothing has ever transformed Holly as much as her doTERRA business. She says, “I’m a complete introvert, and this has pushed me out of my shell. People who have known me my whole life are being drawn in as builders because they’ve seen such a dramatic change in me.” She knows now that it is through that personal development that people are drawn to the cause. “If you have confidence in who you are and what you’re doing, people are going to want to be a part of that.”

Erika Butler, Diamond

Erika is happy to have been given an opportunity to change the world. She says, “I just feel like this is something that I was born to be a part of. doTERRA has helped me to discover and accept the gifts I have. It’s given me the opportunity to shine as a leader, even as an introvert, because its mission is in alignment with my purpose.”

Fay Epps, Diamond

“Before, I was coaching and was one on one with people, and I’m good at that. I’m good with empathy and developing rapport, and helping people feel comfortable. But this business has to go beyond one on one relationships in order to really grow. Even though I teach in a classroom, I’m really an introvert and kind of shy, and so it has really made me have to stretch and grow bigger in my ability to impact larger groups. It’s a good thing but it’s also give-and-take. There’s fear self-doubt, ranting, and raving sometimes when I have to stretch, but then I come around. You also have to be totally open to learning and growing.”

Susan Wooley, Gold

“I love people, but I am a huge introvert, so doTERRA has truly made me come out of that.” Susan explains, “It’s forced me to expand my comfort zone and again and again. Before I was nervous talking to one or two people that I don’t know and now I can host events with Dr. Hill, and love it.”

Sharla Snow, Diamond

Knowing that she had more skills to learn when she started didn’t hold Sharla back. “I had worked in real estate for about 14 years. Being in real estate sales definitely helped develop skills in marketing, graphic design, website design, and social media but I still I had this entirely new skill set to learn when it came to doTERRA. Even though I had a background in sales and marketing, I never had to speak in front of a large group or teach a class. I was terrified to teach classes because I’m actually quite an introvert. There was a huge skill set that I had to learn when deciding that I was going to do this as a business.”

Jennifer Accomando, Diamond

“I had a fear of teaching and of talking in front of people and I let that fear hold me back.” Her downline, Carol Ann Mendoza, wouldn’t let her stop there, though. She had Jennifer write down the goal to be Diamond. Jennifer says, “I couldn’t even see Diamond. I was like, ‘All right just to make you happy, I’m going to write it down.’ But Carol-Ann told me, ‘Jen you’re a leader. People want to hear from you.’ So I started doing more classes and I was enrolling people I didn’t even know. I had business builders in other states, and I knew I needed to teach their first class. I was put in a position that I was so reluctant to fill, but I tell people now that I used to have a fear of speaking in public, and they don’t believe it. Don’t ever let fear hold you back because God has a lot waiting for you.”

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