Key Point to Building Your Business

Key Points to Building Your Business: Monthly Training
Monthly Training are a great way for you to build your doTERRA Business by teaching
Holding monthly trainings is a key element to your success in doTERRA because it helps
your new clients, customers, and distributors get started the right way. They are also a
great opportunity to make sure that your people know how to do a few simple things well over an extended period of time.
If you really want to master something, teach it to others. Teaching a concept to
another person will help you solidify the process in your own mind and will help you refine your delivery.

Training others in doTERRA is nothing more than modeling successful behaviors and
following successful people who have already figured it out. It doesn’t matter if you want to learn how to get more customers, invite people to listen to you presentation, develop
leaders in your organization, r better understand the compensation plan—there is
someone in your up-line who has already done the heavy lifting and they are eager to
share their wisdom with you.
Monthly trainings will help you commit to a standard of excellence in your business. Have you ever been around someone who was committed to excellence? How did they make you feel? It is inspiring to see people who commit to this standard and live by it. They are the ones who make the most out of their doTERRA business and work hard even after they have succeeded. By committing yourself to this standard of excellence in holding monthly trainings you will notice a shift to the positive in your business. You will find that your regular training sessions have the same effect on others as you invest time into helping them with their doTERRA goals.
There are no shortcuts to successfully building your doTERRA business, but
holding regularly scheduled monthly trainings is a good way to expedite the process.

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