Change Your Life With Positive Thinking

Change your mind with positive thoughts and words and your life will change. It proves to be a universal truth again and again.

This is a tall order. As children, positive thinking comes very easily to us. We see the possibilities in everything. Nothing is impossible. If our feelings get hurt, it doesn’t last long. We refuse to believe the worst could happen. Hope reigns triumphant. What a great way to live!

Can we rekindle that positive way of living that we had as children? With some effort and re-programming of our inner tapes, yes, we can. It is difficult in a world of negative and fear based news and media to turn off the messages we hear daily. Complaining is a way of life for many folks. The truth is, as my grandmother used to say, that 90% of the people who hear your complaints don’t care and 10% of them are glad you have them. That makes complaining a waste of time. When we repeat positive statements to ourselves daily, we can change our mindset to a happier and more hopeful one.

Realizing that life has a balance of good and not so good events is in itself a positive thought. This universe works on a system of balance: cold/hot, dark/light, soft/hard etc. It makes sense that life is also a balance of happenings, some that we like and some that we don’t. If we can remain non-judgmental about these things we do not like and just see them as the balancing side of life, it takes some of the negativity away.

If you have been stuck in a negative thinking rut for some time, you will have to work hard and consciously monitor your thoughts. It will be the process of eliminating bad habits and gaining new positive habits. It takes 30 days or more to do this. CDs with positive and uplifting thoughts and music may be a big help with this. Reading positive books and magazines will reinforce your positive thinking. Speaking positive words will soon become a habit. You will learn how to counter negative comments with hopeful and positive remarks.

One thing you can do is to separate yourself from negative people and environments. You will immediately feel much better after a few days of this.

When your outlook changes, your world changes. Obstacles are removed, dreams become realized.

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