Improving Self Esteem and Self Confidence

Understanding Self Esteem and change the way you perceive yourself.

Improving self-esteem and self-confidence

Low self-esteem causes you to feel unloved and unwanted. With low self-esteem you know you could achieve much more, but you don’t have the confidence to face new challenges.
Life coaching can help you realize how to improve self-esteem:
• Understand exactly why you feel low – Where does it come from?
• Realize why you are internalizing everything you perceive as negative – The way people look at you, their comments, their actions. it can destroy you.
• Understand how much harm you are causing yourself by your ill founded perceptions?
• Learn ways to reflect on your negative behavior, and eliminate the misconceptions you are creating for yourself – You know that you are the only one with the inside knowledge of your poor perceptions and the only one who can change them.
Life Coaching results:
Life coaching can help you discover confidence building techniques which work. Growth in confidence lets you see challenges as opportunities to move forward.
You will enjoy meeting people, your relationships will improve and you will have more reliable friends.
You can achieve your goals with ease because you have developed self-esteem and self-confidence.
With improved self-esteem, you will gain the confidence to accept the opportunities life offers. You will be more optimistic and your mind will no longer be restrained.


Originally Posted on December 29, 2011, by Lucy Ridgeway, Miami Life Coach

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