As we go through life, there is a temptation to try to be like others, even though we may know in our hearts that it may never be possible.

For example, growing up shy, it was always difficult for me trying to be as outgoing as some of my classmates. Of course, I’ve improved over the years, but I’m convinced I’ll never be a social butterfly. However, I was always very curious about the world, and asked many questions, sometimes more than my parents or teachers could handle. Over the years, I’ve continued this basic curiosity about the world and have developed this trait or talent into one of my main investigative strengths. This strength has helped me both in my personal and professional life.

Another trait or talent I’m aware of is sensitivity to the needs and wants of others. Again, over the years, I’ve developed this talent into a strength which allows me to genuinely care for and help others and at the same time get real satisfaction in the process.

Apparently, even animals have become “successful” through the development of their natural talents. Mr. Gregory Popovich, founder of the World Famous Popovich Comedy Pet Theater * here in Las Vegas, states on his website:

“I don’t believe that I “train” the animals to do a certain trick or stunt, instead, I teach the animals to perform onstage by allowing them to show off their individual personalities and talents. Just like people, every pet has a special quirky little thing they like to do. This thing, or trait, allows the pet to show a unique part of his/her personality to their owner. This is what makes them who they are.

For example, one of my cats, Mischa, loves to jump. So I incorporate his love for jumping into my show. Another cat of mine, Sugar, loves to climb, so I let him show off his climbing abilities on stage. By allowing my pets to perform the skills and stunts they naturally love to do, they enjoy performing as much as the audience loves watching! My show is indeed a “theater” because when my furry actor family members perform for you, they are showing you their very favorite trick!”

During a period of job or career transition, it appears important to focus on one’s individual strengths and to keep this in mind when applying for various positions. Why not shine using the natural talents that you possess, rather than trying to be someone you’re not? Of course, you need to take the time and effort to discover your natural talents and develop them into strengths to share with the world.

Some may even say that the above is an important part of “finding your mission in life” and for being “successful”. Feel free to share your own experiences relating to how focusing on your strengths has helped you in your life, particularly in your career.

*Courtesy of David Saxe Productions /V Theater Group

Copyright 2011 Joseph Wszolek/Coaching By Joe

Posted on July 18, 2011, by Joseph WszolekLas Vegas Life Coach

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