Don’t Resist, Focus!

We all dream….I wish I had a new car, a bigger house. I wish I was healthier, had more money, worked in my dream job. Unfortunately, some of us never get it and some of us don’t even come close.

This week’s Question…

Why is it so hard to just get what we want, when we really want it?

I am sure we can state many reasons but the big one is….our THOUGHTS!

The problem is most of us spend our time thinking of what we don’t want instead of what we do. I am going to tell you.


If you spend most of your time seeing a series of disappointing images in your mind, like the pile of unpaid bills, the bad relationships, the long line of medications, the endless amount of work, this is what will keep showing up in your life.


So how about STOP thinking and picturing all of what you don’t want and START focusing and spending your energy on what you do want. See the money flowing in, see the intimate relationship, the health, the career, the joy. Focus on the Dream, because………


Stop resisting what you don’t want and Start focusing on what you do want!

Originally posted on December 27, 2011 by Corinne Valentine, Scranton Life Coach

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