In the Moment of Decision, Destiny is Shaped


From being a toddler to a teenager to an adult… you are faced with decision after decision and your journey takes shape. No course is ever set in stone, but you gain wisdom to help you with the next one. Have FAITH in your abilities, CONVICTION to strive for the best possible outcome and COURAGE to live boldly! I am not proud of every decision I’ve ever made, but I am proud of the human it has made me! To those who stand by my side on this current journey, I am honored and overjoyed to call this life, MINE:)

I borrowed the above passage from a friend of mine today. It resonates so clearly to me what Coaching can help people do. One conversation at a time, can help TRANSFORM, INSPIRE and MOTIVATE you.

I coach with the 5 Erickson Coaching Principles in Mind:

*People already have all the resources within to be a success. 95% of our thoughts are in our unconscious mind. Together a client and coach can get them out into awareness.

  • Behind every behavior is a positive intention. Our emotional brain overrides the neo-cortex, or the consciousness. Coaching helps to relax to get the client’s personal answers out from behind their emotions.
  • People will always make the best choices for themselves at any particular time. Taking a closer look at the client’s environment, capabilities, values, and identity coaching helps the client to find the best actions to take now for the purpose of meeting his/her personal goals.
  • The OK-ness principal is that belief that we are not broken and need fixing. We simply need a little help navigating through our own unconscious and conscious minds to better connect our intentions with our actions.
  • Change is inevitable.

Let the Change in YOU Begin

Originally posted on January 31, 2012, by Kathy Butler, Prattville Life Coach

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