Internal motivations come about from what is going on upstairs and what is going on up there is completely 100% within your control.

No body else owns your thoughts but you. The good news is the brain can be trained to produce thoughts which equal better behaviors based on what new input is put in. Brain cells that fire together…wire together. So by firing up new circuits, the brain can produce another thought path. This makes what you may think is impossible… possible! Not everybody accesses their potential beyond their basic survival needs. The reasons for this will be varied. Some will have fewer choices available to them due to extreme lifestyle factors, others will rather not know about the choices to change behaviors because that then makes them a part of their own solution. For some of us, we delight in the opportunity for change, growth and new motivations so that we can keep living the sort of life we want.Motivation can not exist unless there is a goal. So the first step to changing thought circuits is to create some goals. Set yourself some big goals and some smaller ones. Make some goals you can achieve on a daily basis, as the sense of achievement literally releases yummy chemicals into your brain.

Did you realize that it’s a myth that we only use ten percent of our brains! We actually are using them almost entirely all the time. What we don’t use though is our potential for what we can become. But this comes with a clear warning, the more you find out what you can do….the more you will want to do!

Carla is Wanganui’s Wellness Coach

Originally posted on October 15, 2011, by Carla LangmeadWanganui Life Coach

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