Self-Mastery Is The Key To Your Success!

Are you aware that Self-Mastery is the key to your success? Whether you’re a Hollywood star like Tom Cruise, a professional athlete like Wayne Gretsky, or ‘Joe-the plumber’, achieving self-mastery is considered one of the highest achievements for having the discipline, persistence, passion and natural ability. In order for self-mastery to occur, I think most of us would agree that several things need to be present. Let’s review some of these things so that we’re all on the same page

1. Out-Standing Results -Masters who have mastered a Skill or area of expertise usually stand out from the crowd.

2. Masters perform with grace and elegance. They make what appears to be next to impossible for others look easy and effortless.

3. Masters possess total freedom and power and can produce results without limits.

4. Masters become one with their chosen ability.

Let’s delve a little deeper into self-mastery and talk about some of the stages which may not be as apparent to us. Most of us achieve mastery over common activities like brushing our teeth, tying our shoes or eating. As human beings, we are ‘learning machines’ always learning and growing, and as we become aware of the process it becomes more enjoyable and less frightening.

Stage 1. Unconscious competence (VISION). In this stage, we acknowledge that a goal is possible, but are unaware of our lack of ability. This stage is fun and exciting and requires little effort on our part.

Stage 2. Conscious incompetence (RESOLVE) in this stage we become conscious of our incompetence in creating the results we desire. Many of us never enter this stage because it is too painful for us to deal with the facts, and we quickly drop out of the learning process. The only way for us to continue our learning is to have a conscious resolve toward our desired outcome.

Stage 3 Conscious competence (PURSUIT) When you begin the pursuit stage, you begin to create some of the results you desire. Each result you create takes painstaking thought and conscious discipline to achieve. You plan and devise every effort.

Stage 4 unconscious (IDENTITY) When you no longer have to think to create the desired outcome, you have attained mastery. You also are able to improve without effort. You have become a master.

Steps To Achieving Self Mastery

Let’s take a look at a couple of simple steps that we can take to achieve self-mastery

This is an example of a simple, five-step process, coined by Tony Robbins as the “ultimate success formula” which shows the fundamental steps towards attaining a result:

1. Know your outcome.

2. Know your reasons why.

3. Take massive action.

4. Know what you are getting.

5. Change your approach.

In the final analysis, Self Mastery includes our ability to accept and make the most of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Self-acceptance is seeing and accepting things for the way they truly are, not the way we want them to be, hope them to be, or pretend that they are. Self Mastery and self-acceptance cannot be separated.

To master the self one must have acceptance for the self. When unconditional acceptance for the self is embraced one begins to understand and master the ability to accept situations and other people for who and what they are. Change is inevitable. This we all know on some level. Yet we fear change and work diligently to prevent it. If acceptance were given as much energy as we give to resistance we would be well on our way to self-mastery.

To Your Self Mastery!

Originally posted on December 18, 2011, by John CurranSilver City Life Coach

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