Why You Need to Bust Through Your Bull to Better your Life

Learn why it’s so important to be aware of the role you are playing in your life so you can create one you’re happy in!

It’s a simple fact of life that, at various points in our lives, we tend to be full of it. What I mean is, we have this key area in our life – relationship, career,…. – that is not going to plan. Actually, forget the plan, it’s just gone completely haywire, and because of that one area, it seems like your whole life stinks.

Here’s where the bull kicks in – for a while (weeks, months, years?) we complain about this area of our life. We find the culprit – our boss, our partner, our (former) friend – and build them up as a horrible person making us suffer bitterly. We tell our friends, we tell our family and soon we have enough ammunition to write an epic novel about this person, this situation, and how it’s ruining our life.

At the same time, we’ve somehow convinced ourselves that we are powerless, that we can’t do anything to change this situation, and we start creating stories in our mind – “I can’t leave the situation because I’ll be worse off, or alone,” “if I speak my mind directly to the person involved, I might lose this person forever,” and so forth. These nifty stories help us to take no action and create a justification for this lack of action, and feeling of powerlessness. And this can serve us for a pretty long time…

But, the problem with getting stuck in personal drama, and giving away your power to change and be happy, is that eventually, somewhere, you will suffer more by staying tied to the situation, than you will by freeing yourself. Suffering can mean many things:

  • Sacrifice – this could be letting go of goals, of happiness, or even parts of your personality until you don’t recognize yourself in your life anymore
  • Pain – this can manifest as sadness, but if you wait too long, pain will come out in your body in a symptom or disease directly related to the feelings you are repressing and avoiding
  • Powerlessness – the more you believe you cannot change your own life, the more this belief will permeate everything you do, and you ultimately could find yourself believing that everything in your life is “bad” and that your life is “happening to you” rather than run by you. This leads to a lack of empowerment.
    OK, enough of the drama! When you wake up to the state of your life and realize that you are ready to create a more fulfilling and empowering one, then you are ready to bust your self-created bull. This is about taking responsibility for your life and driving it in the direction you want, instead of letting it lead you around in a maze.

Though it’s not always easy to recognize our own role in creating the parts of our lives we are unhappy in, the ultimate result allows us to step more fully into an authentic life allowing us to be HAPPY – how about that?

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