What Do You Want So Bad You Can Taste It!

What do you really, really want? Not just a hope, but a heart-skipping, light-in-your-eyes-when-you-talk-about-it core yearning? Well, if you really, really want it – chances are you’ll need to step out of your comfort zone to get it, or you would’ve already gotten it by now!

What does “stepping out of your comfort zone” mean? It means acting despite the shiver rumbling through your body. If the truth be told, this is a requirement for success. No kidding! Don’t believe for an instant that those who achieved something, requiring them to stretch, didn’t have the unwelcome guests of fear and doubt visit them now and again. Nonsense! Their knees shook, palms sweated, and they experienced sleepless nights like everyone else. How then, did they make their mark? What set them apart?

Are your ready to know their secret? Drumroll please!

They had the audacity and courage to feel the fear and do it anyway. They were hungry enough to tolerate feeling uncomfortable.

Now let’s look at our close friend “comfort”. Comfort certainly makes us feel safe. Comfort places no demands on us. Comfort reassuringly keeps doubt and fear at bay. Yes, comfort is our friend – or is it? On the flip side, staying in our “comfort zone” means lack of real growth, possibly staleness, zero adventure, and maybe even a sense of settling for whatever cards are dealt. Hmmmm. Does that appeal to you?

The plain and simple truth is:  If you’re not feeling a little discomfort – you’re probably not growing or making progress toward your goal.
My challenge to you is to take a step toward your core yearning every week. Measure your level of discomfort and push past it, a little, every day. Keep a journal. What did you do to step out of your comfort zone? How did you fortify yourself? How are you building your tolerating-discomfort muscle?

My hope for this community is that you live with a sense of fun and adventure in your DISCOMFORT ZONE.

Keep Blazing Your Trails!

Originally posted on January 31, 2012, by Carol Joyce, Chicago Life Coach

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