The Ten Secrets to Team Building. (Secrets 6 to 10 continued)

Do you feel all alone? Trying to build a business? Think you’re really going to get there? With no help? With no support?

Dream on my friend.

It’s a fallacy to think you can build a company by yourself. Oh, but wait: You call yourself a “solopreneur”? Don’t be silly. Just because you think you’re a one-man band — you cannot pull off a killer stage show by yourself. You need help. You need a team.

Ticking away in the back of your head — you know this. But how do you do it? Where do you start? What plan do you follow to build a killer team?

My friend Tom Post on Forbes asked me to help you.

So, without one more word of delay; I give you the final five Secrets on Team Building…


Secret #6: Mentors, Advisers and Coaches… Oh My.
If you’ve been anywhere around the entrepreneur block — you’ve read and heard how important getting mentors or coaches is, right?

Yes; they belong on your bus. Critical to the success of building any business is having some key people in your inner circle. Call them mentors, coaches, advisors. Whatever.

But these guys and gals are your confidants. They are your top level gurus who have the grey hair. Now maybe they’ve colored it; and the point really isn’t about the hair anyway. It’s about the wisdom and insight that comes from experience.

If you’re unsure what you need in a mentor or coach, check out this great list of 10 traits to look for.

And then go forth entrepreneur — find yourself some mentors and invite them on the bus.

Secret #7: Hidden Gems: JV’s, Partners and Strategic Alliances
Maybe you’re plowing ahead; thinking you need to hire a team to do every last task under the sun. But do you? Do you really need to build out an organization to do it all?

Maybe not.

There is a secret in how some entrepreneurs really become successful. It is the secret of leverage in using joint ventures and partnerships to get things done.

Jay Abraham calls it “Power Partnering”. And yes, if you really grasp the power and possibilities behind the concept; you will never look at business the same way again.

Describing it this way, Jay says:

“It’s all about “marketing arbitrage” — seeing assets, opportunities, connections, money opportunities no one else does. And one of the keys is how it takes vision and the ability to orchestrate the leverage of other people’s assets, efforts, abilities and relationships. You can control the world. You can have access to everything — and it costs you nothing. It’s only limited to your sense of applicability, execution, and ethical exploitation.”

In other words, you don’t have to do everything yourself as a company. If you excel at writing code and building software, but stink at marketing, guess what?

Just do joint ventures with other companies who have customers that would love your stuff; but don’t have a similar product offering. Share the revenue; stick to what you do best.

See? It’s like a miracle. And yes, these guys should be on your bus.

Secret #8: What? Vendors and Contractors on the Team Too?
Another secret?  Pick the best vendors, contractors and suppliers and treat them well.

It’s a funny thing when I run into an entrepreneur who really bags on their suppliers or vendors. Treating them like dirt. Not really appreciating them for the value they add.

Do me a favor? Please don’t be like them. Choose awesome companies to work with — and treat them like family!

Goodness. They need to be on the same bus as you.

Imagine how unsuccessful Zappos would be without stellar relationships with its suppliers. Remember, Zappos doesn’t make anything — they just sell other people’s stuff.

Save some seats for these guys, will you? Vendors, suppliers, contractors and such.

They belong on the bus too.

Secret #9: The Right Seats
Okay, so now your bus is loaded full of the best team ever. But wait a minute — something’s still not right. Doesn’t feel quite right. A little off.

Did you check to make sure all your team members are in the right seats?

Not only do you need to have the right people on the bus — they must be in the right seats. For example; let’s say you’ve got an unbelievable talent on your team who might fit nicely into the marketing seat. But it doesn’t sync. It’s just not working.

But of course Joe Cool fits with the company. Joe has the character and brings loads to the table.

Have you ever thought to just switch Joe’s seat?

You know; stick him in the sales seat instead? Or maybe the business development seat?

Don’t be afraid to move people around on the bus. Getting people in the right seats is just as critical as getting them on the team bus to begin with.


Secret #10: Driver of the Bus.   Yes — it’s You!
Your bus is full. Everyone is in the right seat. And the bus is ready to charge down the road to the big game.

Oops. Forgot something. Who is going to drive this thing?

Um, that would be you.

You are the driver of the bus. Now yes, you can all gather round and talk about where you want the bus to go; and which roads to take; and where to stop for food along the way — but when it comes time to fire that baby up and head down the road — it’s all you my friend.

You’re in charge.

Now there’s good news and bad news with this right? The good news is you’re in control. It’s your baby. It’s your business.

And the bad news? You’re in control. It’s your baby. It’s your business.

Oh; same thing.

Either way, it’s good. This is what being an entrepreneur is all about. Taking the plunge. Feeling the rush of adrenaline as you fire up the engine. And then boldly going where no company has gone before.

So there you have it. The Ten Secrets to Team Building.

So go get ‘em tiger. You’re an on-fire entrepreneur and you’ve now got a rockin’ good team on your bus.

Drive carefully my friend.

Article by:  Eric T. Wagner
First published Jun 19, 2012,


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