Our Story

Sharon and Mike were senior executives in fortune 500 companies with successful careers, six figure incomes and we were extremely unhappy, completely stressed out and had no time for ourselves. We were trading time for money, worried about retirement and having the time and money to do the things we had always wanted to do. Between aging parents, raising children and work weeks stretching into 60 and 70 hours, we had no life of our own and when we did find a little time to do something for ourselves, we debated if we could afford it.

PictureWe knew we’d never be happy unless we found a way to take back control of our lives and our finances. Finally, we said enough is enough and decided not to replace our current jobs but to change our whole approach to how we were going to make a living moving forward. We began searching for a business we could own, that provided a service or product that helped people, not use them, and could provide the income we needed for our financial goals.

One evening, while Sharon was working late at her office, there was a wellness class being held in the conference room. She stopped in to hear the presentation and they were promoting the assets and benefits of essential oils. She learned of the medicinal, therapeutic and aroma therapy properties these oils have for people. She purchased some oils for her legs, as she has chronic pain due to numerous surgeries and some oils for me to help me breathe easier at night and relieve my snoring. Guess What? They Worked! We tried other oils and they worked too! Needless to say, we were very excited about these essential oils. While talking with the oil advocate, Sharon discovered that there was a business model for these oils and that it could be quite lucrative. Today, two years later, we are completely sold on our products ability to have a positive impact on people’s health and lives and we are on the path to financial freedom.

What makes us different is that we have a successful business background, we know how to structure, market, and build a business. We understand the importance of training, team building and effective leadership. Working with us, you will be provided with an infrastructure on which to build your future.

Our mission is to share the amazing health benefits of essential oils and to show people how to take back their lives; emotionally, physically and financially.
We would like show you how to use essential oils to benefit your health, lifestyle, financials.

Join us by calling or emailing us at.:  877.235.8865 or Wellness@ESWO.co